Survey Syncs

  • 9 February 2023
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Data Sync

When you send a Hive survey, a copy of your user data is taken and stored in your Hive. This includes attributes and segments for all employees. If an employee has a certain ‘Team’ or ‘Manager’ etc., changing this information in the user section of the platform after a survey has been sent will not have any effect on that survey or any previous surveys. 

To do that you’ll need a data sync.

What is a data sync?

A data sync is the process of retrospectively updating your user data for a survey that’s already been sent. ­­­­­This is useful for a few scenarios:

  • A user has changed departments since the survey was sent
  • Your organisation’s structure has had changes since a survey launched

If you’re not sure if a survey sync is suitable, just get in touch with our support team who will be able to assist.

Risks and Warnings

There are a few things to bear in mind with a data sync:

  • A survey sync will update your entire survey, not just specific attributes. This means if any other data is changed in your upload or through the user section, this will also reflect on the survey.

  • Your sync will only apply to one survey at a time

  • You cannot use a data sync to remove survey responses.

  • The process can take up to 7 days to complete

  • If you’re using People Science reporting, a sync may delay your report delivery

  • Data syncs require manual work from our support team meaning there may be a charge.

What needs to be provided?

You’ll need to provide us with your original upload file, any required changes for the sync should be made in this file.

The upload file should include all attributes and segments within your Hive, not just the ones you’re looking to update.


Data syncs can be useful if you’ve had some changes but shouldn’t be relied on for every survey. It’s advised to ensure your employee data is fully up to date before a survey is launched but we understand this isn’t always possible.

If you’d like to get started with a data sync, please let us know by filling in this form and submitting your user data securely as you usually would.

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