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ℹ️ Platform Access

  • 22 July 2021
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ℹ️ Platform Access
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Making sure the right people have access to the right data.

👥 Make sure the right people have access to the right data

💁 Collaborate with your leaders through features specific access

📈 See only the relevant data through segment group access

📊 Empower your managers to get hands-on with Hive

So… 🤔what is platform access?

Platform access refers to the permissions you can give your leaders for the type of feedback they can and can’t see in the Hive platform. 

You can make sure your people managers can only access specific features, only see feedback from specified demographics/segments (like department/location) and only see data that is relevant to them. This gives those people the tools they need to act on feedback—but without having to give them admin privileges!

🚨 To give the user access to feedback from all demographics, click the ‘all demographics’ toggle shown at the bottom of the access screen. 

Cool! How does it work? 👀

Once you've decided who should have access to the specific features or segment groups, simply navigate to the ‘Access’ section of your dashboard under user settings and check the applicable boxes. Once you've selected the correct set of permissions and given access, the user will be able to see relevant feedback and results'

If you have any concerns about allocating platform access (or even just for reassurance that you’re on the right track), our Support Squad is happy to help.


What are the different types of access? 🔑

We appreciate that workplace dynamics can be fluid and as such there is no hierarchy to access, instead you can allocate access as and when needed so the right people in your org are seeing the right information (and by effect, not seeing information that isn’t relevant to their role). For example, if you’d like to give a team leader access to only hive fives relating to their team, you can do so by selecting only the attributes needed in the user access section - all unticked boxes will not be visible to them.

What are the benefits of platform access for my leaders? 👥

Employee engagement is the responsibility of everyone in your team and a consideration for every stakeholder across your organisation. To make sure your company continues to learn and grow, you’ve got to keep your eyes on the feedback of your people. Flexible, tailored platform access means you can share the responsibilities and give your leadership team the power to identify issues and drive big changes for their teams!

Feature Access

Any users you wish to give access to must have at least one feature permission.  These feature permissions include:

  • Surveying

    • View results: high-level survey results, individual question results and heatmaps

    • View comments: access to free-text comments left by employees on surveys (must be assigned jointly with survey results)

  • Hive Fives

    • View submissions: Hive Five dashboard, feed and status board creation 

  • Open Door

    • View Submissions: Open Door feed

  • Messenger

    • Start conversations: access to use Hive Messenger (must be assigned with either Survey Comments, Hive Fives or Open Door—or any combo of the three)

  • Administrator Features

Segment Groups

While feature access refers to the different parts of the Hive platform, segment groups are the demographics based on specific attributes within your organisation; such as Division, Location and Gender.

Users can be allowed access to more than one segment within an attribute. For example, a line manager may need access to both the sales and customer service segments within the department attribute. 

By allocating segments to managers, you are essentially picking and choosing what information they can see as a way of delegating responsibility. For example, For example, your head of reward could be granted access to all demographics but restricted to HFs, allowing them to see all Hive Fives given across the company.

Assigning access to surplus segments can end up being confusing, so if you have any queries or concerns about the information your managers are seeing, contact our Support Squad who will double-check it for you, no problem! 🙌

To specify access, just select the segments you want the manager to see. You can narrow this down by adding another segment row to that group. If you wish to define a separate set of criteria, just add a new group. The manager will have access to data from users who meet the criteria in any group.

🚨Be aware that selecting all segments within an attribute, as a separate segment group, will give managers access to all feedback within your Hive.

But is my employees' feedback still identity protected? Even from those with platform access?

As always, all employees' identities are protected and confidential across the platform (this includes survey feedback, Hive FivesOpen Door submissions and Messenger interactions). So your people can use the platform, safe in the knowledge that their names aren't attached to their feedback.

And remember…

👨 You can give bespoke platform access to any user through the user settings

💁 Enabling feature access to individual managers allows you to delegate responsibility to your wider team

📈 Adding access to segments ensures the right people are seeing the right info

👥 Our confidentiality commitment was written with platform access in mind, allowing you to feel safe in assigning access

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