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ℹ️ Hive Support Service Level Agreement

ℹ️ Hive Support Service Level Agreement
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Hive is 100% committed to providing world-class support to our customers. Whether that’s via support articles here on Hive+, via your customer success manager or working with our support squad. We’re here to make it easy.


To make sure we can respond to your support request in a timely and effective way, we have our support service level agreement (SLA). Using the information below you can quickly see how long it will take us to help you with certain queries. You may even be able to do some tasks yourself with the help of the support articles linked.


Support Category Service Level (Working Days)
Additional Services (Enabling Features) 1 Day
Individual Admin/Manager Access and Amends 3 Days
Bulk Admin/Manager Access and Amends 10 Days
Amend Open Survey 2 Days
Bulk Hive-Five Reminder 1 Day
Bulk Suggestion Reminder 1 Day
Bulk Survey Reminder 1 Day
Campaign & Survey Setup 3 Days
Customise Email Templates 3 Days
Customise Hive Fives 3 Days
Customise Open Door 3 Days
Delete a Survey Response 1 Day
Password Requests 1 Day
Reminder Send to an Individual 1 Day
Report a Bug 2 Days
Re-subscribe an Employee 1 Day
User Data Upload 10 Days



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